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Computer Hardware and Software in general form a big part of our day to day life. The general notion is that computing devices must work without issues all the time. However, this in not always the case, computers are pron to damages due to overheating, fall-downs, spillage, electric power surges, spyware attacks, malware attacks, or the normal wearing out due over time among many other causes. Many users of such devices always decide to replace the whole device as an option. At MU Technologies Repair Centre we give you the BEST ALTERNATIVE of repairing the device within the shortest time possible. We understand the workings of computing devices and can fault find and service such devices, upgrade software or remove unwanted software from your machine. By contacting us, and us helping you in repairing your device, you will always save both time and money. Furthermore, you will be playing a key role in E-waste management since you will spare the environment of unnecessary deposits of e waste by not contributing to unnecessary production of new electronics and also safe disposal of e-waste. We not only repair computers but also service and maintain workstations: we Service, maintain and life extend computer and computer accessories across different sectors of the economy.

Highly rated team of certified Computer Hardware & Software Engineers .

We have a team of passionate experienced qualified and certified computer hardware engineers, software engineers and quality control engineers whose sole task is to ensure that your device is operational to the agreed standards during and after the repair process. Their guiding principle is always "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION"

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